By now, you’ve probably heard the saying “sitting is the new smoking“, as in sitting too much is bad for your health. When you consider those of us who work in an office sit 7.7 hours per day, we really do spend much of our day in a chair. Now add to that the amount of time you spend driving to and from work, eating meals, and watching TV. A few of us in our office calculated our daily sit time and, in most cases, it added up to more than 10 hours a day!

Sit/stand desks have been around for a few years. These desks certainly help cut back on the number of hour spent sitting. Many of the traditional sit/stand desks are motorized and require a simple push of the button to raise and lower. They are great for mixing up standing and sitting throughout the day. However, standing too much can be as taxing as sitting too much and the constant raising and lowering of the desk can be annoying no matter how easy it is to do.

A new compliment to the sit/stand option is a perch chair (see examples above). The perch chair concept is a great way to move from sitting, to standing, to perching and then back to standing again. The perch will help reduce the number of times a desk needs to be raised and lowered during the day.

Walking – The Treadmill Desk
No, we’re not kidding. This is a real option. Yes, you can now walk off lunch while typing a report and sending email. Other than working up more of a sweat than you may want at the office, this is may be an effective way to “get your steps in” each day. As a mainstay desk, this might not be the best option. However, in a modern office, a row of treadmill desks would be a welcome addition for many. As the modern office becomes increasing mobile, it’s easy to see how moving a laptop to the treadmill desk for an hour a day would be feasible.

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