January is often a month of setting big goals, writing lists, and striving to do more. Sound overwhelming? What if, instead, we had just one goal: to simplify. Here’s how that would look in the office:
Simplify your Supplies
1. Discard anything that doesn’t work well, is out-dated, or just isn’t needed.
2. Restock with only the items that are needed for YOUR office.  If you’re not sure what is essential to your line of work, call us. We are office supply experts and will walk you through selecting everything you need.
Simplify your Purchasing
1. Do not purchase break room snacks at one store, cleaning products at another store, and office supplies at a third. Everything you need can be ordered from Great River and delivered to your workplace.
2. Only buy necessary supplies. Our team can reference previous orders to help you determine which items you need to restock.
Less really can be more.