From pops of fun color to living walls, the trends in office space design for 2017 are exciting.
The influence of Millennials and their working styles are affecting modern workspace design. Design elements that we see on their way out the door include cubicles, standard brown and black furniture, and permanent placement of office furniture. Things that are on their way in include fun pops of color on everything from staplers to office chairs as well as unique features such as living walls. We’re seeing office spaces literally coming to life. Comfortable, homelike, and flexible work spaces are now the new normal in space design.

Let’s breakdown the Top 5 Trends in Office Space Design for 2017:
1.    Flexible Layouts. Simply put, this means modular furniture that can be moved or stacked easily. According to FUZE, “A well designed workplace should change effortlessly according to the task at hand. Developing areas that can be easily adapted to suit changing requirements is an essential element of design in 2017. Making smart choices in office furniture and designing with flexibility in mind will see your workplace buzz along efficiently into the future”.
2.    Integrated Technology. We are a mobile world and workers want their devices to work well in the office and have power at the ready. Integrating charging stations in desks, having encrypted wi-fi to keep your company secure and your workers mobile throughout the office, and upgrading old technology are all part of the constantly changing office.
3.    Color. Not only does color enhance your company brand within the office, but color can also help organize space. This is especially true in the new office environment that has eliminated cubicles. Using pops of color helps to definite work areas and adds a nice visual component that can help boost moods and productivity.
4.    Ergonomic Features. The safety and comfort of office workers in not a new topic, but it’s also not going away. Increasingly companies are taking ergonomic features into consideration when ordering new office furniture. Things like sit/stand desks can make a big difference in employee comfort and health. Great River Office Products and our
representatives are experts in office ergonomics. From carrying the best furniture to suit your needs, to helping you correctly install and adjust it, we are the right partner for choosing office furniture.
5.    Bringing the Outdoors In. Adding outdoor elements in the workplace is a trend that isn’t going anywhere soon. Natural lighting and plants along with reclaimed wood and concrete flooring are all pieces that make an office feel more inviting. One idea that we found interesting is creating a living wall in the office. Can you imagine? An entire wall of plants to greet you each morning. Learn more about living walls here.

Did you know Great River Office Products can help with your office design? We can! Let us help you create the productive space you want.