From the fun and whimsical to creative and useful, office gadgets in 2017 are not what they once were!

The modern office is changing to be sure. Mobile workstations, working offsite, and an open concept office space are all elements adding to why office gadgets in 2017 are changing. We’re pulled out some of our favorite new items we feel are both innovative and useful.

Open Concept Office Space – While the idea is aesthetically pleasing the reality of working in an open office has challenges. The most common issue we hear about with open design is noise. To solve this, the marketplace is responding with some unique ideas.

Flexible Acoustic Dividers from Zilenzio

When the open office space is just too darn open, flexible acoustic divider from Zilenzio may be your answer. These colorful dividers can be rolled up and stored when not in use. They come in both floor and desktop sizes.

Private Phone Booths
We’re seeing more open concept office spaces adding phonebooths. Soundproof and private, phonebooths are a way for employees to take private calls or conduct a conference call where background noise would be distracting for others.

Hanging Sound Hoods

These may remind you of your local hair style shop, but hanging hoods are another way to implement noise cancelling gadgets to an open space office.

Other gadgets we found that are worth noting include:

Mini USB Vacuums. They look like the real thing, but they’re tiny and cute. They’re apparently superb at cleaning up desktop crumbs leftover from lunch.

Wristbands to Reduce Stress – Doppel, has a wrist gadget on the market. The Doppel band sits on the inside of your wrist and emits a gentle vibration that resembles a heartbeat. The band can sync with an app on your phone, which allows you to control the speed of the vibration. According to Dopple, the brain has the ability to respond to the vibration and alter moods. Feeling tired late in the day, just turn up the vibration. Conversely, if you’re feeling stressed and nervous, change the vibration to a
more calming pulse and off you go!

Office Chairs with Integrated Heating and Cooling – The age-old debate on what temperature the office should be set at could actually be solved with these chairs from Klober. Heating and cooling is run via the chair back and seat. The temperature control is run using a rechargeable battery.

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