Summer vacation and your four-day work weeks are over for another year. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be tied to a desk and chair that don’t fit and are uncomfortable!

If you’re among the thousands of Americans who spend far too much time sitting at a desk, you want to read this article. We have options to help whatever your ergonomic need.

You’ve no doubt heard of a stand up desk. Did you know that not all stand up desks are created equal? They are not. Some options are simply a platform and lift that sit on your current desktop. A quality version of this set up will raise and lower your computer and monitor easily so you can stand up or sit down without hassle. However, beware! There are models on the market that are very difficult to raise and lower. Be sure you do some research before investing in a table top stand to accomplish your stand up and sit down needs

A better option is a stand up desk. In this case, the entire system lifts your desktop up with a simple touch of a button. These automated desks are a good investment for you and your employees. They are simple and best of all they actually work!

There are also stand up desks that allow you to get a workout while you’re standing. They are essentially a treadmill with platform to hold a computer. These are not good options for anyone who needs a desktop computer. The mounting platforms hold laptop computers only. These are great options for employees who want to get away from their desks for a bit.

Wrist rests and chairs are two other areas where we can help ergonomically. We offer a large variety of wrist rests depending on needs. We even have one version on sale this month. See our specials below.

Desk chairs are the other area where we can help you make huge improvements in the ergonomics of your office. Chairs really need to fit the individual. From arm rest heights to seat adjustments, our office furniture and ergonomic experts can help find the right products for your office.

Did you know that Great River Office Products also does office interior design? We do! Not only can we help your office feel better, we can help it look better too. From choosing paint colors to adding a touch of high class to your waiting area, our office interior design team knows the products and the style trends to make your office look great.

Farewell to summer. Hello to fall and hello to better ergonomics in your office. Need help? Our representatives are only a phone call away. We look forward to hearing from you soon!