Welcome to budget season. That wonderful time of year when hours are spent analyzing data, crunching numbers, and trying to read the tea leaves to better predict what your costs will be next year.

Did you know Great River Office Products can crunch your office supply numbers for you?

A combination of experience in the office supply world, knowing the needs of your business, and our access to big data pricing is the perfect equation for analyzing your office supply budget and helping you stretch it as far as possible.

Some things that you’ll want to consider even before your ask us to run your numbers include;

  • What supplies are essential to your work? These essential items would include pens, paper, staples and any custom items for your office.
  • Make a second list of the supplies that make your workforce happy. The pumpkin spice latte may not seem like an essential, but if it’s a motivator for your employees. The little things can go a long way toward morale and should be kept on the list!
  • Are there areas when another brand may do the job just as well, but costs much less? Your sales rep will be able to make excellent suggestions for you.
  • What efficiencies can your office implement to increase productivity and also stretch the supplies budget?

Once you’ve done a little legwork on your own, call us. We can crunch the numbers for you. All you need to do is gather data for at least the past three months and send it to us. We’ll take it from there. Reviewing your information allows us to better understand your office and your supply needs. Our experience in the office supply world works to your benefit because we can find efficiencies in your process that could save on office supplies and suggest alternative products that cost less. All of this along with big data pricing will help you set a realistic office supply budget that is right on the mark for your organization.

Contact your sales representative today!

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