Have you noticed your co-workers slouching or complaining their neck hurts? Maybe Joe in the corner cube is constantly wandering the office “stretching his legs”. These are signs your office furniture may not be a proper fit.
Humans were not made to sit 8+ hours per day. We were built to move around and do things, but many of us find ourselves in desk jobs. Given the amount of time each of us spends at our desks each day, it’s important to consider the fit of the chairs and desks we’re using.
Ergonomically, well fit-furniture is such that is can be tailored to those using it. For example, a well-fit chair will have arm rests that adjust for proper typing. These adjustments will make sure shoulders are placed correctly to avoid undue stress. Chair seats should also be adjustable to ensure feet are flat on the floor and not hanging or causing someone to hunch uncomfortably.
Desks are the next area where making small adjustments can make a huge difference in the ergonomic and versatility of positions for workers.
We often recommend the following items for offices struggling with ergonomics.


1.)   Standing Desk
A Lorell Adjustable Desk/Monitor Riser allows your employees the option to sit or stand with ease. The riser is designed for two monitors or a monitor and a laptop with an adjustable ergonomic keyboard tray. The riser adjusts to regular desk height, allows for a choice of five standing heights to adjust to most adult heights. This product comes with a five-year warranty.
2.)   Gel Keyboard Wrist Pads
A Compucessory gel keyboard wrist pad supports wrists and prevents stress in the forearms. The Compucessory allows employees to rest their forearm muscles for comfort.
3.)   Gel Mouse Pad
A Compucessory mouse pad supports user’s wrists and provides an ergonomically contoured design to reduce hand/wrist fatigue. The gel keyboard wrist pad conforms to your wrist for greater comfort and support.
At Great River Office Products, we offer a wide selection of office furniture that will fit the comfort for your employees and your price range. Our reps are trained ergonomic experts and can help you choose the right fit and finish for our office. Call us today to schedule your furniture consultation today.

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