Finding the right desk goes beyond just how it looks. Desks have a right fit as well to avoid injury to neck, back, wrists, shoulders and more.

Ergonomics is a work heard often in discussion about how office furniture “fits”. It is defined as, furniture designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment, ergonomic furniture is such that it works for employees on all levels.

Desks and chairs that let feet sit squarely on the floor with a bend in the knees, and allows feet to rest flat on the floor is step one in finding a good fit. Another element to be aware of regarding desks includes whether or not it comes with a keyboard slide out. A keyboard slide out lets wrists rest easily on the tray and it lets shoulders rest comfortably without scrunching or straining.

How is the computer monitor positioned on the desk? This is a key element in shoulder, neck, and eye strain. The monitor should sit so you look straight ahead at it without raising your chin and adding strain to the neck.

Lastly, it’s important to have options for rotating between standing and sitting during the workday. Too much sitting is hard on the back just as too much standing causing a similar strain. Alternating between standing and sitting is the key to comfort.

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