One of the most important and versatile rooms for a business is the conference room. It’s a meeting area for the employees, a presentation room for clients, and a creative space for team collaboration. If designed correctly, your conference room can become a jack of all trades for improved productivity. Get the most out of your space by focusing on who utilizes it, what visual aids are needed, and how technologically efficient it should be setup.

To start off, the table for your room often depends on the size of your team and average cliental. If you’re smaller, then a circular table would be ideal for meetings since it’s the best shape for collaboration, but it does seat less. If you’ve got a lot of presentations to show, though, it may not work out. If you’ve got a larger audience and a need for visual aids, then a rectangular table would be best. From there, choosing the right chairs should focus on comfort and ergonomic design. Make sure to take your team plus normal client meeting size into account for quantity.

When deciding other furniture for your space, focus on keeping it minimal so the room appears more open. Lighting also plays an important part in a room where clients are received. If you have windows, be sure to install some blinds for those glaringly bright afternoons. Rooms with no natural light need consistent lighting so it lacks shadowed areas, which is especially important when receiving video conference calls.

A meeting room might also need to be setup with extra accessories. A whiteboard or SMART board helps with creativity and can double as a visual tool as the background for a projector. Keeping a printer or scanner in the room makes it easy to print materials or send a copy to clients while video chatting. Or, if phone calls are more your style, then a conference phone system would work best so you can link multiple rooms and people to one call.

Overall, the goal for your conference room should be to create a functional and balanced space utilized for versatile collaboration. Its theme can be based on your office space, but it will need a different set of furniture. Great River’s catalog includes stylish and ergonomic furniture that will help create a productive work area that meets your needs. To ensure you get the most out of your space, we also offer an interior design service to help you find that perfect balance of presentation and functionality.

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