The newest office craze is the sit & stand desk, a desk that gives the user the option to sit or stand while they do their work. This type of desk has become more popular in recent years as more and more people have become health conscious and want to make changes in their everyday lives to reach their health goal.

There are many health benefits accompanying standing desks. Research has shown that increasing the time that people stand helps them burn more calories, reduces after-lunch blood sugar spikes and crashes, and is more comfortable overall. A less sedentary routine also increases longevity and is better for cardiovascular health than sitting. Studies have even found that less sedentary people have fewer biomarkers that could be connected to cancer.

Although, not all of your employees will want a standing desk, so you can buy a separate frame for the people that do want to stand. First, make sure the desks are big enough to hold the sit & stand frame while still allowing open desk space; “L” or “U” shaped desks are perfect because they offer large surface areas to set up on, even with the sit & stand option. There are a variety of sit & stand frames to choose from, so find the most aerodynamic design for your needs and easily install it.

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