Companies like Google and Pixar have helped to shape and change the way office space is designed in 2018.  Collaborative work space with lots of natural lighting, high ceilings, open spaces without office walls, and napping pods are all part of office design today.

According to a 2017 Capital One survey, 82 percent of office professionals believe companies need innovative workplaces in order to encourage innovation among their employees. If you’re thinking of making some changes to your office a few of the easier to implement ideas include:

Collaborative workspace – These spaces go beyond a meeting room. They are flexible and open workspaces that encourage teams and other divisions to creative. Adding more flexible and fun environments to encourage community is a step in adding more collaborative environments to your office.

Green space – This goes beyond adding more office plants. Some companies are taking this to an entirely new level by adding “living walls” in their offices. We’re not suggesting making that kind of commitment to this trend but adding more green to an office has been noted in improving happiness levels of employees, and as result more productivity.

Office furniture – Chairs and desks that are adjustable for the wide variety of shapes and sizes humans come in is important to ensure a comfortable fit for whomever may be using the desks and chairs.

Great River Office Products offers more than just office supplies. Our experts in office interior design and ergonomic furniture can help you create a more modern and productive space in your office.