Our newsletter this month is all about making the transition from fall to winter a little more comfortable at the office.
Indoor air quality and keep germs in-check is important to keeping and your staff healthy. Colds and flu spread quickly is small spaces. Indoor allergens and germs can lurk in dirty air ducts making the office air quality poor.
How can you tell if your office needs the air ducts cleaned? A few tell tale signs include:
  • Excessive dust on surfaces. If you’re noticing dust on surfaces that get cleaned regularly, it’s a good sign your air ducts are pumping out more than just clean air.
  • Do colds and flu spread like wildfire in your office? Germs get trapped and spread in dirty air ducts.
  • Are they more people suffering from allergies this winter than normal? Another sign there could be more than air lurking in your office’s duct work are allergies that surface even during the winter months. Mold and other irritants and stay in duct work and spread across the office.
Once you’ve contacted a commercial duct cleaning company, it’s time for you to keep your office in tip top shape for the rest of the season.
Great River Office Products offers a wide range of cleaning products for the office. From dust pans and Lysol wipes to canned air to clean off keyboards, our selection of janitorial and sanitation products is great.
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