Even in today’s digital world many businesses still need to store paper documents. Space, organization, and ease of access are key things to consider when deciding how to store your important paper files.
Bankers boxes have been a long-time favorite for paper document storage. A perfect solution for keeping papers that are important, but not highly sensitive, bankers boxes have evolved from a simple square box with a top.
Bankers box drawers are a great choice for those with limited storage space and the need to access these files from time-to-time. With drawers, you can:
  • Stack records higher and save space
  • Eliminate the need to stack and re-stack boxes because the drawers simply slide out instead of needing the remove a box lid
Most companies will choose a combination of storage drawers and boxes. It really depends on how often you anticipate needing to access the stored information. Anything that can go into long-term storage will do well in a storage box while files that require semi-frequent access are accommodated nicely by storage drawers.
Types of Storage Drawers:  
  • Maximum Space-Saving Drawers stack up to 10 drawers high.
  • Extra Space-Saving Drawers stack up to 7 drawers high.
  • Basic Space-Saving Drawers stack up to 2 drawers high.
Drawer Size
Letter/Legal Drawers accommodate both letter and legal-size documents – This size drawer has the versatility for storing records of varied sizes.
  • Letter size drawers accommodate letter size files. This is the perfect drawer if letter size documents are all you need to store.
  • Legal size drawers accommodate legal sized files offering an additional three inches in width for larger record size.
Great River Office Products carries a full-line of Bankers Boxes in all types and sizes. Do you need help deciding the right combination of boxes and drawers for your office? Contact one of our sales associates today. We’re experts in office document storage.