Often an overlooked part of office culture, the breakroom becomes an important area for employees to relax and interact, and they’ll notice if your business lacks the common perks. Be successful in creating a comfortable environment for your employees by acquiring these essentials:

Free coffee/creamer/sugar. Maybe take a poll of the coffee drinkers in your office so you can figure out the best way to accommodate the demand.

Refrigerator. The best way for employees to store their lunch or snacks.

Microwave. A necessary appliance for everyone to heat up their food.

Snacks. A nice perk that doesn’t have to get expensive if you keep it to a couple items like pretzels, granola bars, snack mix, etc.

Disposable silverware/plates. Nice to have on hand in case an employee needs them-especially if the break area doesn’t have a sink.

Cleaning supplies. Employees like to keep their spaces clean, so having these on hand are appreciated.

Table and chairs. The breakroom can also be a gathering space to build employee trust and relations, so encourage that with seating.

If you get to a point where your budget allows some extra perks, ask your employees what they would like to see in the breakroom. Opening that conversation lets them know you appreciate their hard work and want to make the office feel like a comfortable place for them to work. Simply investing in your breakroom can help build a better work culture and improve the overall work ethic!