Hello, 2022! By now you’ve probably set goals for your business for this new year, but have you thought about your office design? If not, it’s time to! If you’ve been sitting in an uncomfortable, ugly chair or if it’s just time to spruce things up, we’ve got some popular 2022 trends for office design to help you choose your furniture.

Home Comfort

Since many employees got used to working in the comfort of their home, coming back to an office that’s full of cold colors and hard furniture isn’t ideal. Warm tones, soft carpeting, and comfortable chairs are a few ways to make the office feel more at-home.

Nature Inspired

Spending eight hours inside an office with no view of the outdoors and artificial light is draining. If your space has offices with no windows, add plants and natural materials like wooden desks to have that connection to the outdoors. Even little succulents around the office can brighten up the space!

Private Workstations

Open workspaces are quite popular, but they aren’t for everyone. Areas where multiple employees work alongside each other can foster great communication, but it can be extremely distracting. If your space doesn’t allow for individual offices, using partitions can help create a more private work area. This creates a space for productivity while still being in close proximity to others.


The key to keeping a workplace tidy is storage! Filing cabinets and desks with drawers are essential to staying tidy. Many modern desks consist of just the surface and legs and don’t provide any storage. This is fine if you include filing cabinets underneath the desk, but without that, there’s no way to stay organized.


Natural lighting is always preferred, but you don’t have to rely on large overhead lights to keep your office well-lit. Strips of light or small canned lights tend to be easier on the eyes, especially if LED lights are used. Fluorescent lighting causes complaints about eye pain, so the gentler the light, the happier the employees.


You don’t have to compromise on the look of your furniture to get something more comfortable. There are so many choices of ergonomic furniture, so you can find the best chairs and desks that fit your space the best. Comfortable furniture that is good for the back and neck allows employees to work more efficiently, as they won’t be dealing with pain while trying to work.

The key takeaway for 2022 office trends is comfortability. Your furniture and décor should still be pleasing to the eye, but comfort takes the cake when it comes to office design. Even storage promotes comfortability, as it’s difficult to be comfortable with a cluttered desk. When you’re ready to upgrade your office furniture, contact Great River Office Products or view our online store!