It’s hard to get any work done when your desk is ridden with papers and there’s nowhere to put them. Having an organized workspace improves productivity and can make you feel less overwhelmed. These tips and organization systems can help clear the clutter!

Get rid of what you don’t need. Before getting any filing systems or other organizational items, get rid of everything you don’t want or need. Unused notebooks, old papers, and dusty knick-knacks can go.

Decide what is best for your space. Not everyone has enough room in their office for a big filing cabinet, so assess what space you do have and measure it. Can you fit a small filing cabinet under your desk? Is there a corner that could fit a small shelf?

Get a filing cabinet & get your filing system in order. Label makers are great for labeling which drawers have certain files. Color coding systems are helpful for finding files quickly—it also helps prevent losing files. Most importantly, always clearly label your folders!

Now work on organizing your desk. A lot of those folders should be cleared now with your new filing cabinet and system, but that still leaves important papers that you use daily or that aren’t ready to be filed. A desktop sorter doesn’t take up much space and will help keep those loose papers in order. And if there isn’t enough room on your desk for one, get one that can hang next to your desk instead.

Tidy the desk drawers. It’s easy to throw small items into your desk drawers and ignore the mess inside, but keeping the drawers organized will help you find items quicker and lessen the chances of your drawers getting stuck when they’re overfilled. A desk drawer organizer is a necessity for someone who often uses writing utensils, sticky notes, paper clips, etc.

Take advantage of wall space. Calendars, bulletin boards, whiteboards—all useful for staying mentally organized! These help keep those random sticky note reminders off your desk. Small shelves on the wall can hold your favorite knick-knacks, too!

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