When you’re only halfway done with the workday and your back is already hurting, it’s hard to be productive the rest of the day. Sitting for the majority of 8 hours can cause a lot of tightness in your back and hips, so taking short breaks to stand and stretch is beneficial, but that can only do so much. If you sit in a hard, non-adjustable chair and in an uncomfortable position all day, you don’t need constant stretching—you need ergonomic office furniture.

Finding the right office chair

First, you need to get rid of that uncomfortable chair. It may fit the aesthetics of your office, but a cute chair isn’t always practical for sitting for 8+ hours a day. Keeping good posture is important, so your chair needs to fit you, not the other way around. Your chair should have:

  • Lumbar support: You need to support your lower back, and lumbar support will fit the natural curve of your back, which reduces tension.
  • Adjustable height: No one wants to hunch over their desk. Your chair needs to be able to adjust to your leg length and to the height of your desk.
  • Ability to swivel: If you find yourself turning often, your chair should have the ability to swivel so you don’t have to twist your torso.
  • Comfortability: Your office chair should have nice padding and soft material to make it comfortable to sit on.

Adjusting things around you

Again, you shouldn’t have to mold yourself to the furniture in your office—it should be able to fit to whatever height or comfort level you need. Your computer monitor should be adjustable so that you maintain proper posture and don’t keep your head in an awkward position all day.

You should also keep items that you use frequently within reach. Your telephone, if not a cell phone, shouldn’t be placed somewhere where you have to sit awkwardly to talk on it. Everything on your desk should be moved to where you can reach items easily.

The ideal office desk will also be adjustable, which helps with keeping good posture. Desks that have the ability to become standing desks can really help relieve tension in your lower back, and it can feel good to stand up for a while.

It’s always important to keep good posture when sitting, which includes keeping your back against the chair, your feet flat on the ground, and your knees at a 90-degree angle.

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