The break room for any business serves as a getaway for employees to take a step back from work and refresh. Whether they’re grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting for a short while or eating lunch with coworkers, the break room should be a comforting and inviting space. So, how do you create the perfect break room?

Comfortable seating options

Employees want to be able to relax in the break room, so uncomfortable chairs aren’t the way to go. You can use more simple chairs to go with tables, but simple doesn’t mean poor quality. You should also include a few lounge chairs or a loveseat for those who want somewhere even more comfortable to sit and relax.

Dining table & small tables

Depending on how much room you have to work with, a dining table is a great break room addition so that your team can have group lunches. Small tables are nice for two or three coworkers to drink their morning coffee at, so it’s good to have a mix of both.

Coffee and snacks

Speaking of coffee, you need to have plenty of it! Complimentary coffee is a must for any break room, along with cream and sugar. You’ll need a coffee maker or a single-cup coffee maker like a Keurig, and if you have a big office, you should have a couple to avoid a line in the morning. It’s a nice touch to add a few snacks like granola bars or small bags of chips for a snack.

Microwave and fridge

You’ll need somewhere for employees to store their food and to heat it up, so a fridge and microwave are a must. For small offices, you can probably get away with a mini fridge, but larger ones will need a full-size refrigerator.

Modern yet warm décor

Nobody likes an outdated break room. Your furniture and décor doesn’t have to be cutting-edge, but it shouldn’t be stuck in the 90’s either. Hang warm-colored artwork on the walls to avoid just leaving the walls white. The break room is also a place for employees to have fun and interact with each other, so the room shouldn’t be boring and stale.

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