Summer is the time for outdoor business expos and other events, so make sure you’ve got plenty of promotional products! Not all promo products are of equal use, so you should put a little research into what products are best for your business. Here are some promo products to gravitate toward, with some tips on what to avoid:


Baseball hats, t-shirts, and hoodies are great promotional products because they’ll actually get used. Outwear is great marketing, as anyone who wears your product is a walking advertisement for your business.

On-The-Go Drinkware

Reusable water bottles cut the need for plastic ones, and environment impact is important to many consumers, especially Millennials. Investing in quality water bottles also means that those products will stick around for a while, resulting in your name being seen for a long period of time. Travel mugs serve the same purpose—just make sure they’re high quality and will actually get used.


This is another category of promotional products that is well-liked and useful for consumers. Mugs, wine glasses, cutting boards, and jar grips are all excellent choices that serve a purpose and won’t just take up space.

Environmentally Friendly

According to Delta Marketing, 46% of consumers have a positive opinion of a business if they sell or give out environmentally friendly promotional products. Items like bamboo bento boxes, stainless steel straws, and bags made out of recyclable materials are handy items to have and will help you gain favor with consumers who want to shop sustainably.

General Supplies

Promo products shouldn’t be single-use items. General materials like tote bags, umbrellas, flashlights, and magnets will be useful to a consumer. An item like hand sanitizer isn’t necessarily single-use, but it will eventually run out, and then your product goes right to the trash.

We have hundreds of promotional products on our website so you can choose the items that work best for your business and brand. Take your promo items to the next level and start shopping today!