When employees left the office in 2020 to work from home, business owners and managers had time to think about their office spaces. When it was finally time to return, how were employees going to adjust now that they had been working in the comfort of their own home? Coming back to work in-person allowed those in charge to really take a look at the office design and furniture and think about how they could make changes to create a more efficient yet comfortable office. Here are some things to consider when thinking about remodeling:

Ability to Move

Many employees got used to the flexibility of being able to work wherever they liked, so when they’re back in the office, it’s best to provide the opportunity for movement. Sit & stand desks are a popular choice that allow employees to change positions and feel comfortable while working. You should also have a dedicated break area with lounge chairs to capture the coziness of home.

Changing the Layout

When working at home, employees got used to working in solitude, so it can be jarring to return to an open-plan office. If space allows, create separate work areas so employees can still have some space to themselves.

Adjustable Lighting

It’s best to have as much natural light as possible, but if your office doesn’t have many windows, choose lighting that can be adjusted. Some people work better in dimmer lighting while others do well in bright lights. Avoid fluorescent lighting, as this can cause headaches and irritation for your employees.

Ergonomic Furniture

You can promote efficiency in the workplace by providing chairs and desks that won’t cause discomfort for your team. Poorly designed chairs can result in back pain from hunching over or from leaning too far forward. Adjustable desks are also ideal so that employees can stand up to stretch while still getting work done.

Choosing the Right Colors

Paint colors affect employee productivity, so as you’re redesigning, it’s a good idea to repaint if the walls aren’t the ideal colors. Blue creates a sense of calm, which is a great choice for a busy office, while green promotes balance and is easy on the eyes. Brighter colors like yellow and red should be used as pops of color throughout the office to encourage creativity and productivity.

Great River Office Products has a vast array of ergonomic office furniture, and we also provide office design services to help you create the perfect workspace. For assistance in redesigning your office, give us a call or e-mail one of our sales representatives. We’re happy to help!