You’ve likely seen or heard these coffee-lover phrases before: don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee; but first, coffee; this girl runs on coffee; and so on. Coffee has become such a huge part of popular culture, something people with nothing in common can bond over. And, this is all for good reason! Drinking coffee has several benefits, especially in the workplace.

The Perks of Offering Coffee in the Office


Improved Productivity

A huge benefit of providing coffee in the office is that your employees will be more efficient and productive. The caffeine will help them stay awake and alert and can really help with that midday slump. Coffee is the boost your employees need to stay focused and get their work done, resulting in a more productive workplace.

Increased Energy

When you provide coffee in the office, you’ll notice a change in the atmosphere. Employees have much more energy when they’ve got caffeine in their system, resulting in better moods as well! Your team will tend to care about their work more when they have more energy too, which also ties into productivity.

Encourages Socialization

Often times, we find ourselves stuck at our desks for hours without realizing we haven’t had a break. Coffee encourages your team to take short breaks and socialize with each other around the coffee maker or in the break room. Taking time away from your desk is important for avoiding eye strain and giving your brain a refresh, and providing coffee is one way to promote that.

Great River Office Products Coffee Offerings


Now that you know a few of the coffee benefits, it’s time to order! We offer hundreds of coffee supplies, so check out our shop and City Girl Coffee page for a full list of products.

Brand Name Coffee

We’ve got all your favorites: enjoy the coffee shop taste with Starbucks and Caribou, or feel at home with classics like Folger’s and Maxwell House. Now that it’s September, don’t forget those seasonal essentials like special-flavored coffee and creamers, such as:

Coffee Makers

Commercial coffee brewers, single Keurig coffee makers, espresso machines–we’ve got it all! Treat your employees to a few options so they can choose what they like best. Everyone has different coffee preferences, so it’s a good idea to check with your team before buying a product.

Coffee Cups

Don’t forget the cups and lids! We offer a wide variety of options like paper vs foam, cold and hot cups, eco-friendly, and of course several different sizing options. Don’t forget the coffee stirrers, and if you’re offering iced coffee, then you’ll need straws too.

Help your office wake up and get an energy boost with any of our coffee offerings! We’ve been serving workplace needs around the Twin Cities since 1962.