The look of the modern office has gone through several changes over the years, with an open-concept office being the current trend. However, the layout of an open office has changed, as employers find what does and doesn’t work. A good office design all comes down to comfort and efficiency, which often go hand in hand. If you’re not loving the layout of your office, here are a few tips to create an efficient workplace. 

Individual space 

Like in the above photo, there are ways to create individual space in a modern, open office. Rather than having employees seated right next to each other, give them some room by putting dividers or shelving in-between them. Frosted glass that separates rows can prevent distractions while still having close access to coworkers.  

Designated group spaces 

If collaboration is something your team does often, make it easier for them by providing a designated area for them to work as a group. This can be something as simple as a meeting table and chairs, or a more relaxed lounge area with couches and coffee tables. It all depends on the space available and the office atmosphere.  

Ergonomic furniture 

When employees aren’t comfortable at their desks, it can be difficult for them to do their best work. Back/neck pain and headaches are common when seated in an uncomfortable chair or a space that can’t be tailored to fit their needs. Desk chairs should be adjustable with good lumbar support to promote good posture, for example.  

Break room 

Employees need a space where they can take a step back from their work and refresh. Your break room, or break area, should have comfortable seating options, good lighting, warm colors/artwork. Without breaks, your employees can get worn down quickly, and their quality of work will start to decline. 


It’s difficult to be productive when working around a mess of papers and office supplies. File cabinets, shelves, and desktop organizers are essential to keeping the office clutter-free. Provide office must-haves like notepads and sticky notes, and also consider adding a couple of whiteboards around the office. They can be helpful when working in groups to help everyone get a visual of the task at hand. 


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