While most coffee addicts will still drink their drink even once it has cooled to room temperature, anyone who is a frequent coffee drinker knows it’s better when piping hot or even iced.

Why then is tepid so unappealing?

It truly is strange. A hot cup of coffee can be delicious and so can a nice iced coffee. As coffee begins to cool and sits in the middle ground at room temperature, it starts to taste bitter. Why? Because the temperature of food and drink affects how well we taste it.

The Laboratory of Ion Channel Research in Cuba recently conducted a study on how our taste buds receive food and drink based on what temperature it is. What they found is our taste reception is altered when something is either very hot or cold. It may be because we are distracted by the temperature and less likely to notice the real taste of the food or drink.

According to this study, we’re most sensitive to food molecules that are between 68-95 degrees. That’s means we get the most accurate taste from something when it is just at or slightly above room temperature. When food is hotter or colder than that we taste it less. Who knew?

So, this winter go ahead and make that hot cup of joe. Enjoy it; but drink it before it gets lukewarm.

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