It happens every fall and winter—one employee gets the sniffles and soon half the office is out sick. Cold and flu season is ramping up, which means it’s time to take inventory of what cleaning or health products the office needs. When you hear those first coughs and sneezes, you want to be stocked up!

Hand sanitizer

Stop those germs from spreading by keeping everybody’s hands clean. Keep a large bottle in common areas or the break room, and provide smaller bottles at employees’ desks. If you have clients coming in often, keep some near the front door as well.


Nose-blowing is just a necessity during cold and flu season, so make sure you’re always well-stocked with tissues. These are another item that you can keep in several areas of the office or at each desk, depending on the size of your team.

Cleaning wipes

Wiping down surfaces and doorknobs is key to stop germs from spreading. Especially when someone in the office has gotten sick, common areas should be disinfected daily. You’ll go through a lot of wipes throughout the fall and winter, so it’s another item that should be bought in bulk.

Air purifiers & humidifiers

Several of the air purifiers we offer catch bacteria and germs, keeping the air clean for everyone in the office. To prevent dry air, add a few humidifiers around the office. Employees can suffer from headaches and coughing when there’s not enough moisture in the air.


Yep, tea is another must-have during this season! While healthy enough to come to work, employees may still be suffering from sore throats, so hot tea will help ease that discomfort. Lemon, ginger, and green tea are just a few great options to soothe sore throats.


Throughout the fall and winter, make sure everyone at work is washing their hands often, especially after touching their face. Keeping workstations stocked with hand sanitizer, tissues, and sanitizing wipes will help prevent any office sickness from spreading.

Great River Office Products has all you need to keep employees comfortable and healthy this season. To make things easy, you can view and order your office necessities in our online catalog. We’ve been providing office supplies solutions to the Twin Cities and beyond since 1962.